Casting with slip - Sunday AM

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Casting with slip - Sunday AM


This is a six week beginner-friendly experimental class focusing on making cups through the use of plaster molds. Taking inspiration from five successful slip casting artists, we will be exploring several exciting techniques outlined below. We will not be making plaster molds in this class, but casting from a selection of studio molds.

In this class we will be completing one cast per week. Each week will have a featured artist whose work we will be using as a starting point for inspiration. We will be begin with plain casts and decorate those with a tape resist using underglaze. Afterwards demolding and cleaning up the works after they are released from the mold will be covered. Color casts made by students tinting their own slips and a three-color cast will wrap up the first half of the course. We will finish the course with a four color cast with bright colors and end with using add in cut outs which are adhered to the inside of the mold and cast in a solid bold color.

Instructor: Pedro Ramirez

Meets Sunday mornings from 10am-12:30pm on the following dates:

02/23- First Class
03/29-Last Class

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